Auchtergaven Old Church Tower

Auchtergaven Old Church Tower

As many of you will know, in the early hours of Thursday 19th December 2019 a significant part of the Auchtergaven Old Church Tower collapsed.

We are very thankful that no one was injured and that there was no damage other than to the tower and the old Church structure.

Over the last three years there has been a lot of work done by the restoration group towards the plans to restore the tower, so there is obviously a great deal of sadness from many about this sudden and dramatic change in the state of the tower and surrounding structure.

On Thursday a quickly convened meeting with representatives of the Church and PKC met with engineers and contractors. It was agreed

  1. That the remains of the old tower still standing are at risk of further collapse and urgent action to safely bring it down is required.

  2. That until this is done an increased area of the Graveyard needs to be fenced off to keep people out of the immediate danger area.

The new fencing was completed on Friday 20th along with “Danger Keep Out” signage. Please for your own safety respect this newly fenced off area.

It is planned that on Monday 23rd a specialist long reach demolition machine will bring down the remains of the old tower that are at risk of further collapse. Once that has been done, hopefully on Tuesday 24th, the Heras fencing will be adjusted to secure a reduced exclusion zone, hopefully allowing the cemetery to be reopened.

In the early New Year we will be having meetings with PKC Planning Department and other interested parties to discuss the status of the building and its future.


Rev. Adrian Lough

Church of Scotland Parish Minister of

Auchtergaven & Moneydie linked with

Redgorton & Stanley