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The flexible venue!

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With full audio facilities, mulptiple meeting rooms & break out areas, Bankfoot Church Centre is perfect for conferences and meetings of any size. A large multi-use sports hall provides a flexible venue for physical, artistic and theatrical pursuits. Modular staging can be banked or transformed into a catwalk. Changing and showering facilities are available and are fully disabled accessible.

The centre has been recognised as one of Scotland’s growing number of “green buildings.” It is heated to a constant comfortable temperature using wind generators and ground source heat pumps. Additionally the extensive use of recycled and renewable materials give the building an unusually small carbon footprint.

For the younger visitor the facility boasts an exciting three storey soft play area – “The Ark.”

Set in the midst of the beautiful Perthshire countryside yet only minutes away from the A9 and Perth railway station; and less than an hour from Edinburgh and slightly longer from Glasgow. We have parking for over 100 cars and full catering facilities.

To book any event from a child’s birthday party to a sports tournament or corporate conference contact us now.


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Here are some of the facilities you will find in the  building…

  • A beautiful church with full audio visual facilities and an excellent Allen Organ
  • A community café for meeting old friends and new.
  • A soft play area: great fun for the children while parents enjoy coffee and scones.
  • A prayer room: a quiet peaceful space available to anyone at anytime when the building is open.
  • The Auchtergaven Room: A beautiful room looking out to the hills with patio outside. Available to hire for parties, meetings etc.
  • A day-care centre run by Perth and Kinross Social Work Dept. and Crossreach, the social care arm of the Church of Scotland.
  • A full kitchen: capable of catering for large groups.
  • The Moneydie Hall: A large multifunction Hall with 2 badminton courts and full changing and showering facilities including disabled showering. Suitable for many different sports, dances, conferences and meetings. Available for hire.
  • The Hub: youth drop in café with 2 lounges for junior and senior groups.
  • An after school club.
  • A Car Park for 100 cars accessed from the top of Tulliebelton Road. But why take the car? We also have:
  • Undercover parking for prams and bikes: Pedestrian Access opposite Tulliebelton Crescent.
  • A  podiatrist: working regularly out of the Logiebride room.
  • A display and exhibition area: See displays of local artists and craft workers, find a contact for a local tradesman or business or advertise your own enterprise.

This is not an exhaustive list. The new building is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of everyone in the village.

Bankfoot Church Centre

Some facts and figures concerning the Bankfoot Church Centre…

This is laid to grass, with fruit orchard and low maintenance planting.

There are large SUDs “Sustainable Urban Drains, hidden under soil and under the chipped area of car park.
There is parking for 50 cars & overflow for 40. There is also an undercover park for prams and bikes.
The large wooden Arch at end of path will hold the Moneydie bell. (from the original church there in that parish with which we are now linked.)
There is a rain water harvester takes water from roof, stores it underground and uses it to flush toilets (1 tank= 3500 flushes )

The roof tiles are recycled Quarry dust and resin 84% recycled
The aluminium Soffits and facings last 20 years before first maintenance and are 100% recyclable at end of life.
All glass is “Low E”, allows heat and light in but restricts heat out
The Cross on roof is Cedar. The 3D effect to symbolise reaching out to whole area.

The Building
The frame is made entirely from wood from renewable forests. “Glulam” beams (thin strips of wood glued together) allow for large spans.

The building has one of lowest carbon footprints for its size in UK at present, roughly equivalent to a modern 2 bed bungalow. This is achieved through high insulation levels close sealing of building and the heating system.

The Heating System
2 wind generators  drive a compressor for a ground source heat pump which produces hot water that is used to heat water in a large buffer tank which in turn goes into pipes embedded in a thermal slab under the floor.
The heat pump produces 4-5kw of heat for every 1 kw of electricity. It gathers heat from 3.5 km of pipe buried 1m down and 1m apart in the glebe field.

The earth stores the sun’s heat even in winter and is always 5 degrees warmer 1m down than that on the surface. The buffer tank stores enough water for 24hrs continued heating even if the heat pump failed. However there are 2 compressors either of which could heat the building if the other failed.

When the heating is not in use any electricity produced by the wind generators goes into the grid and we are paid for this. Our meter measures electricity both in and out.

The heat pump can be reversed to cool the building in the summer and the building is designed to use natural ventilation rather than mechanical.

Green Elements
Instead of high carbon ceramic tiles all splash backs behind wash hand basins are made from recycled yoghurt cartons. The panels on the wall of the soft play area are made of recycled wellie boots and mobile phone cases. The decorative insets in the youth café are from recycled CDs.

The wooden panels beside the church doors engraved with the words of the fruit of the Spirit (Galations5:22-23), are from a local oak tree felled by a storm and donated by a local farmer. The same tree produced the communion table, the lecterns, side table and crosses all crafted by Rob Brunswick.

The stained glass window represents the spirit descending and deliberately shines over the cross. The window is by Artisan Glass of Bankfoot. The etched glass cross is by “write on signs” of Perth.

The Church seats 223 but with the back wall folded back can go up to over 400. It has an Allen organ and facility for other instruments. It has full audio-visual facilities and ability to record video.

The Foyer contains a community café with both tables and a soft seating area. The electronic notice board advertises local trades, crafts and business. Below the notice board is an area dedicated to display and exhibition again usually of local artists etc.

The prayer room is available at anytime the building is open and will be kept as a quiet, tranquil space.

The Auchtergaven Room opens onto a patio with views over the fields, will be used by many different groups and is available for hire.

The Soft Play (“The Ark”) area will be open whenever the café is open and on Sundays. It is a very safe facility but is unsupervised and parents/guardians must supervise their children.

The Elderly Day-care Lounge will be run and staffed by Perth and Kinross council and Crossreach and has places for 12 people.

The Logiebride Room  will be used by the community  Podiatry services to provide care for local residents and may in the future provide other clinical functions.

The Moneydie Hall contains 2 badminton courts but hard wall surfaces and an impact absorbing floor make it suitable for all sports as well as dances, shows, conferences and many other functions. This hall also contains full changing and showering facilities including disabled bathing and a viewing gallery.

The Hub is a drop in café facility for children and young people aged 8-18. It provides 2 lounge areas  and will provide the venue for an out of school club.

We hope the building will provide facilities for everyone in our community and a focus of village life where people will reach across generations to help support and enjoy one another…… and that is Church.