Typical Sunday Morning Worship

On a typical Sunday there will be a service at 10am in Redgorton and Stanley, either in Luncarty or Stanley and then an Auchtergaven and Moneydie service at 11.15am in  Bankfoot, both of these are open to anybody, wherever they live and whether they are a visitor or regular.

Often the two services are quite similar to each other, the service in Bankfoot is video recorded and the service is available on DVD from the Bankfoot Church office for £1.  People in both parishes who are not easily able to attend the service watch this DVD.

Music is an important part of the service, in Redgorton and Stanley we have volunteers who use a digital hymnal to play music and the congregation use Church Hymnary 4 (CH4) hymn books and sing well to this.  In the Bankfoot Church Centre we have an organ, a piano and some MP3s, we usually have an organist/pianist playing to accompany singing, with the words projected on screens, or printed out on sheets for those who prefer.

Bible readings are usually read out by volunteers from the congregation and they sometimes lead prayers as well.

click here for an example of the order of service for Redgorton and Stanley

click here here for an example of the order of service at Auchtergaven and Moneydie.

Here is a link to an example of a sermon from one Sunday Forgiveness

Each week is different so the best way to find out is to come along and join us.