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Stages of Life

Auchtergaven and Moneydie linked with Redgorton and Stanley, like all congregations in the Church of Scotland, are Parish Churches. That means that they exist not simply for the benefit of those who come to church, but for everyone who lives within the parish. Our Minister, Adrian Lough, is ready to respond to anyone from the parish who approaches him. So whether you are a Church Member or not, if you think the Church might be able to help or support you, please get in touch.

This section of the website shows some of the ways the Church, its members and the minister can help during the joys and challenges of life’s journey.


Welcoming a child into our family is an incredible experience. We feel humbled and grateful that we have been entrusted with this tiny person. At the same time we feel hugely responsible and completely inadequate. We want to be the best parents possible and rise to the challenge.

At such a time we look for some kind of a public ceremony. We want an event that will mark this important arrival and will help us express the various emotions we experience. Traditionally in Scotland people have looked to their local church to provide this kind of occasion for their child, themselves and the wider family.

At Auchtergaven and Moneydie linked with Redgorton and Stanley we’re delighted to share in such moments with local families. Some families know exactly what they want, others are less sure. People use different words to describe such a ceremony – naming, christening, blessing, baptism, and dedication for example.

If you think we might be able to help you, please contact Adrian, our Minister. He will be very glad to meet up and see what kind of ceremony our Church might offer that is appropriate for your family.


The joining of two lives in marriage is a momentous step. There is no greater commitment that two people can make, as they commit themselves to each other without reservation for the rest of their lives.

We sense that we stand on holy ground. It is this, rather than the reception, that is the heart of a wedding. A couple gather in the presence of God to make their promises to each other. Their family and friends join them to witness the event and to ask God’s blessing for them.

If you live in the parish, Bankfoot Church Centre or Luncarty Church Centre might be the ideal setting for your wedding, or you may have another venue in mind. Adrian, our minister would be happy to discuss your marriage with you.


A wise person once said:

There is a time for everything

and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,

a time to plant and a time to uproot. (Ecclesiastes 3:1,2 )

Sometimes death is expected, other times it comes out of the blue. Sometimes it is a natural end to a long life, other times it is a thief that steals someone far too early.

However it comes, it is a wrench. Whenever it comes, it is traumatic for family and friends.

An appropriate funeral offers the chance to celebrate our loved one’s life, grieve their loss and to express all the different emotions we feel. A well thought through funeral service can be a huge help in the grieving process.

Christians believe God is the giver of life, and that all life is lived in and through God. This life, given to us by God, does not end with death.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with me.            (Psalm 23:4)

A Christian funeral, therefore, as well as celebrating someone’s life and giving a space for us to express our loss and grief, does this in the context of the love of God, who is with us always.

Our Minister, Adrian, takes many funerals for people in the parish who are not members of any church, and for people who aren’t sure what they believe about God and life. If you think he might be able to help you, get in touch. You can either contact him directly or ask your Funeral Director to do it.