Compass member reports on tonights Compass and Souper Sunday!

One of our Compass members aged 9 reports on what we did at Compass tonight:

“Tonight at Compass we played loads of different games with James McKnight who is a coach and an instructor.   It was really fun and I was really tired after it. We played games like Port and Starboard, Parachute games, races and Corners.  We did animal relay games.  I was a lion, that’s my favourite animal. I was out of breath and had to have a drink and loads of biscuits!

We also made big birds that are going to peck people on Sunday when we do a drama about the farmer who sows the seeds.  This Sunday at church we are having an event called ‘Souper Sunday’.  We are going to be raising money for organisations that do work to help people who have  HIV.  We will be eating soup and chocolatey things.  If you can make it, please come at 11.15 am and watch out for the pecking birds!!”