Rascals do Passover and the Last Supper.

As part of the run up to Easter we wanted to understand what Passover and the Last Supper was all about.  The Passover meal is a big deal and one of the most important events in the Jewish calendar because it remembers when the children of Israel were freed from slavery and led out of Egypt by Moses over 3000 years ago. We also wanted to learn about what Jesus did at the Passover meal he had in Jerusalem with his disciples.   We figured that the best way to do this was to prepare our own passover meal and run through what Jesus and the disciples did during their passover meal.


In our preparations we decided that for a special meal we should have a special tablecloth. Whilst we made this we talked about how God’s Love was with the Israelites all that time ago, then He sent Jesus and His love is with us now and always –  so we felt that Psalm 107:1  “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, and His Love endures forever!” was pretty perfect for our table cloth.

For the meal itself we headed to the kitchen and made some delicious flatbreads. (Recipe: https://www.rivercottage.net/recipes/flatbreads.) We prepared some lemons, parsley and salt water, some lamb koftas (from M&S) and some honey.

Then we jumped back 2000 years to when Jesus celebrated the Passover feast with the disciples in Jerusalem. So we did what they might have done.  We brought a beautiful table cloth, cups and plates and set the table.  We brought lemons and the bitter herbs for dipping into salt water that was to remind the Israelites of their sadness at being slaves. We brought the Lamb that represents how God protected them from a terrible disease.  We brought the  flat breads that reminds us of how the Israelites left Egypt so quickly there was no time for the bread to rise. Finally, the honey that represents the joy of the Israelites reaching the promised land.  So we tasted the bitter herbs and pulled sour faces when we ate the lemons and really enjoyed our flatbreads, lamb and honey.  After we chatted for a while we learned what Jesus did on that night when he broke the bread and drank the wine and said that this was his body broken for us and his blood poured out for us.  So we did what he told us  to do – we remembered what he did for us by breaking our bread and drinking our wine (grape juice) and we said thank you for the cross.

In the end it really  was a special meal!

Thank you to the Messy church resources that used to help us put our passover meal together. ( Messy church Magazine Jan- April 2016)