Prayers for the nation and the world



As we turn to the God of life who has called us together in the name of our Saviour Christ we do so in the faith that we are sisters and brothers in the one family of God’s people

We praise God for the wonders of the universe and this earth which is our home, and we do so in the faith that in all the changing circumstances of life, the Spirit of God is with us, around us and within

Trusting in God’s continuing concern for us and for all creation, and at a time of great political and economic uncertainty for the United Kingdom and for our neighbours in Europe, let us bring to God our prayers for our nation and for the world.

God of peace

we pray for the healing of the nations

and for a just and equal sharing

of all the good things this earth affords


Renew our commitment to overcome ancient hatreds

help us pull down the walls that separate us

and overcome the attitudes that divide us.


Bring near the day

when Your people of whatever nationality

may come and go in peace


God of wisdom

at a time of political uncertainty

with the United Kingdom having voted to leave the European Union

we pray for politicians, diplomats and civil servants

here and in the European Union

who will now attend to the negotiations

and make important decisions affecting the lives of us all.


Bless them with calm hearts and clear minds

a commitment to doing what is right and just

and a willingness to seek what is good for all Europe’s people


God of power

at a time of economic uncertainty

with the financial markets in turmoil

we pray for the Governor of the Bank of England

and for the leaders in the business and economic life of the nation


With concerns over investment

and many people left feeling anxious

about what will happen to their jobs and their savings

remind us of Your calling us to seek above all things the kingdom of God


God of hospitality

as Jesus welcomed the least and the lost

we pray for people left feeling vulnerable by what has been decided

and wondering what the future will hold for them and their families

for those who are anxious about others coming to live in this country

and for all who have suffered taunts and been subject to abuse


Free us from all bitterness and recrimination

teach us to treat one another with respect

to listen carefully especially to those whose views are different from ours

and help us show by our actions and attitudes

how each person is loved and valued by You.


God of the least and the lost

we pray in Christ’s name

for people burdened by life’s cares and concerns

people who are homeless or living on the edge of hardship and poverty

people whose lives are overshadowed by illness, loneliness or loss


Surround all for whom we pray

with Your gifts of healing, hope and peace

and help us bring the light of Christ’s care

into the darkness of human despair


God of time and eternity

bless to us our communion with the saints

as we remember with thanksgiving

those we have loved and held dear

and who live now beyond our earthly sight.


As we thank You for the hope of heaven

strengthen our faith in the promise of the gospel

that nothing in life or death can ever separate us

from Your love in Christ

to whom with the Father and the Holy Spirit

one God

be all glory and praise