The Invisible Church

Are you concerned for the health of the church… discouraged by the decline of many congregations … a Christian, but not a church goer?  If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you.  Come and hear Steve Aisthorpe talk about the Invisible Church!

slide1For anyone who is concerned about Church decline, the contents of this book offer an essential blueprint for building God’s whole community in the coming years. This unique set of resources offers practical help and insight for all who want to grow, enrich and develop their congregational life.

The Church of Scotland has drawn on the findings of extensive new research that it has commissioned in order to put together this set of carefully crafted and informed resources aimed at helping every congregation to understand why people leave the Church, how to avoid unnecessary departures and, above all, to develop an enriching, vital Christian fellowship with the large numbers of Churchless Christians in every community across the country.

This ground-breaking book, illustrated by Dave Walker, offers information, hope, insight, prayerful reflection and practical ideas for bringing together in fellowship all Christians, whether they are members of an institutional Church or not.

Watch Steve Aisthorpe telling of his surprise at the results of his Invisible Church study