Christian Aid Kayak

Adrian and Fiona kayaked the 40km from Perth to go under the Tay Bridge in Dundee for Christian Aid.

1Sunday Kayak Cave

2Sunday Kayak

We  started at the Friarton Bridge in Perth. It is unlike other kayaking we usually do so we have had a lot of research to do in the planning stages.  Many thanks to all who helped us, especially Perth Sailing Club.

3Sunday Kayak4Sunday Kayak Cave5Sunday Kayak Cave

6Sunday Kayak7Sunday Kayak Cave

Members of our church and churches all over Scotland did a sponsored walk for Christian Aid OVER the Tay Bridge on Saturday 11th May 2019. We thought it would be a good challenge to kayak UNDER the Tay Bridge and under them while they were walking, raising funds for the same great cause.

IMG-20190511-WA00008Sunday Kayak Cave

All the funds raised in various places go towards fighting poverty and standing up for dignity, equality and justice.

You can make a donation ot Christian Aid on their website