Carol for Christian Aid

Christmas carol celebrates Christian Aid

A Christmas carol has also been specially written to celebrate the work of Christian Aid and gifted to the charity to raise funds for its Christmas Appeal.

The carol, “When out of poverty was born”, was written by Kathy Galloway, a former head of Christian Aid Scotland.

Originally written 20 years ago for Advent Sunday the hymn is Kathy’s interpretation of the Magnificat. Kathy wrote the hymn to the Scottish traditional folk tune ‘Jock O’Hazeldean’ although the version in CH4 is sung to Kingsfold.

Hymn: When out of poverty is born (CH4 291)

When out of poverty is born

a dream that will not die

and landless, weary folk find strength

to stand with heads held high,

it’s then we learn from those who wait

to greet the promised day:

‘The Lord is coming; don’t lose heart.

Be blest: prepare the way!’


When people wander far from God,

forget to share their bread,

they find their wealth an empty thing,

their spirits are not fed.

For only just and tender love

the hungry soul will stay.

And so God’s prophets echo still:

‘Be blest: prepare the way!’


When God took flesh and came to earth,

the world turned upside down,

and in the strength of woman’s faith

the Word of Life was born.

She knew that God would raise the low,

it pleased her to obey.

Rejoice with Mary in the call,‘

Be blest: prepare the way!


Words: Kathy Galloway, provided with permission

Suggested tune: Kingsfold



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