Easter Messy Church 2019

Easter messy Church 2019 Activities

Palm Sunday Donkeys

Why do you think Jesus chose a donkey and not a big horse?

Palm Crosses On Palm Sunday people waved palm leaves and shouted Hosanna! to welcome Jesus.

palm crosses

Cockerel Weather Vane Peter denied knowing his friend Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed, the cockerel is often on weather vanes showing the direction of the wind and as a reminder to stay true to our friend Jesus. Jesus forgave Peter.

Scratch Art Cross

Show how something dark and terrible became something good and beautiful.

scratch art

Nails and Crosses A lot of people wear a cross as a symbol of the love that Jesus showed for us when he died on a cross on Good Friday. Where will you put your cross to help you remember the love God has for you?

nail cross

Many thanks to Stanley and District Men’s Shed for leading this activity it was great fun.

Easter Story Tellers

Use the Easter Story Teller to find out what the bible says about Easter.


Easter Egg Cup Painting

We roll Easter Eggs to remind us of the stone rolled away when Jesus rose from death.

painted egg cups

Easter Nests

Easter eggs remind us we can have new life with Jesus.

easter nests

Easter Chicks

Jesus said “How many times I wanted to put my arms around all your people, just as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings” Matthew 23v37 Jesus is like a mother hen looking after wee chicks and saving them with his own life.

Reappearing Coin Science Demonstration  God promises to be beside us, even though we can’t see God. How could that help you in the laughter and the pain?

1Messy Easter 2019 Photo Album

Thank you to all who provided generous donations of food, drinks, money, time and energy.  We bought our takeaway pizza from the Tayside Hotel in Stanley, they coped well with a much bigger order than expected!


Messy Easter advert 2019

the flier can be downloaded here

Messy Easter advert 2019

Easter Messy Church
Sunday 14th April 3-5pm
Family tea at 5pm
Luncarty Church Centre
free entry, donations welcome.

Registration forms can be downloaded in advance here