Messy Easter 2018

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registration form for Messy Easter, one form per family, please include all names however young or old.  These will be available on the door but filling it in before will speed up registration and help us meet your dietary requirements.


Young helpers have their own registration form to get completed before they come.

Registration form for young helpers


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Lent and Easter 2017

During Lent we are Counting Our blessings with Christian Aid.

During Holy week there will be a Big Read on Tuesday 11th April in the Manse in Stanley.  We will read through the Gospel of Matthew from start to finish, bring your favourite bible translation.

Thursday 13th April at 7pm will be an informal Maundy Thursday Communion Service at Bankfoot Church Centre.

Good Friday 14th April 7pm in Luncarty Church Centre Tenebrae Service, a service of light and darkness.

Easter Sunday Morning 16th April

Little Glenshee Service meet at 8am, (or meet earlier  at Bankfoot Church Centre to get a lift), this will include decorated Easter Egg competition and egg rolling, and “He is risen rockets” from the Messy Easter events.  Followed by bacon rolls at the Bankfoot Church Centre.

10am Easter Service at Luncarty Church Centre.

11.15am Easter Service at Bankfoot Church Centre.



Matthew – the Big Read

This year we will be reading the Gospel of Matthew during Lent.

Here is part one of a version read by the Riding Lights Theatre Company, produced by the Bible Society.

On Tuesday 11th April at 7pm we will meet together to read through the whole of the Gospel of Matthew.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about sitting down with others to watch a movie for 3 hours at home or at the cinema.  We might also think it normal to go to a live theatre performance for an evening out.  So maybe what we did in Lent last year was not so unusual really, we got together for 3 hours and read the whole of John’s Gospel in a single sitting together.

The idea started in the first of our Lent discussion groups in 2103 when somebody made the suggestion, and a few others said why don’t we try that, then we set a date and just did it.  In the end 10 of us gathered from different churches, we knew it would take about 3 hours so we had cake and treats to keep us going.  When each person was reading they chose the translation that they preferred to read, nobody had to read, some intended just to listen, but in the end we all did read about a chapter at a time, finishing just as the clock struck 10!

It was a great story, lots of action all the way from before Christmas to after Easter!  Lots of bits were sooo familiar, but it was wonderful to see how they all fitted together because so often when we read the bible we just read 10 verses at a time.  Other sections felt completely new, or sounded different in an unfamiliar translation, and this meant they had more impact.  But we didn’t stop to have a bible study or a sermon, we just kept on with reading the story, when else do we get to do that?  This reading wasn’t for the head, it went straight to the heart, engaging our feelings and imagination.  We had plenty coffee while we were reading but we didn’t need it to keep awake because the gospel was so exciting and so much was happening.

It was an emotional experience for holy week, to read the whole life of Jesus and then to read about his death, and then about the resurrection.  It was also a shared experience with the other readers which brought us together in a unique way.  It was an experience that changed forever the way I read and listen to the bible.  I had never done this before we moved here, it was great, I hope we can read Matthew’s gospel together this year, would you like to join in too?

Messy Easter 2017

This year we are having two Messy Easter events like the popular Messy Advent event.  The first will start at 3pm in Luncarty Church Centre on Sunday 12th March and the next one in Bankfoot Church Centre on 19th March, both finish at 5pm with a family tea.






Lent and Easter events

John for Everyone

This year we will be focusing on the Gospel of John in Lent.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday which is 10th Feb 2016 and Easter will be March 27th this year.

There will be a discussion group on Monday evenings at 7.30pm in the Hub at Bankfoot Church Centre from Feb 15th till March 21st.  There will also be a Tuesday afternoon group meeting on 16th Feb, 1st March and 15th March, in Redgorton and Stanley, call 827952 for details.  Both groups will have tea/coffee and last 1.5 hours discussing our questions about John’s gospel based on this study guide:

For Everyone Bible Study Guides – JOHN    by Tom Wright  A study guide for John’s Gospel.

RRP £5.99 we get a bulk discount and support our local Christian Bookshop the Manna House. Cost to you £4.50.  If you missed signing up in church then you can still contaact the Manna House directly on 638142 or here

Have a wee look in the book on Sunday, or here

john for everyone picture

Lent Bible Studies

Monday 7.30pm in the Hub Bankfoot Church Centre

Monday 15 Feb 2016 to Monday 21 March 2016


Tuesday Afternoon 2pm

Tuesday 16 Feb, Luncarty (McFarlane’s home 2 Yew Gardens)

Tuesday 1 March The Manse in Stanley (22 King St)

Tuesday 15 March 2016 Luncarty (McFarlane’s home 2 Yew Gardens)


Souper Sunday 21 Feb 2016

Thinking Day Joint service at Bankfoot Church Centre 28 Feb 2016 (No service in Redgorton and Stanley)

World Day of Prayer 7pm Friday 4th March 2016 Luncarty Church Centre


Sunday 13 March 2016 Bill McGregor Stanley Village Hall

Sunday 13 March 2016 Bankfoot Church Centre Ordination of New Elders


Services during Easter / Holy Week

Tuesday 22nd March 2016                 6.30pm Compass Easter Concert Bankfoot Church Centre

Easter performance Compass 5

Wednesday 23rd March 2016            7.30pm “The Big Read” John’s Gospel Luncarty (McFarlane’s home 2 Yew Gardens)

Thursday 24th March 2016                7.30pm Maundy Thursday Communion Bankfoot Church Centre

Friday25th March 2016                      8 pm Tenebrae Good Friday Service Stanley Stanley Village Hall


Easter Sunday 27th March 2016        8am Little Glenshee Easter Egg service

(Clocks Change)                                 10am Stanley Village Hall Easter Sunday Service

11.15 Bankfoot Church Centre Easter Sunday Service

Daily Readings for Lent

Reading the Gospel of John in Lent

John 1:1-18

John 1:19-51

John 2:1-25

John 3:1-36

John 4:1-42

John 4:43-5:18

John 5:19-47

John 6:1-21

John 6:22-59

John 6:60-7:9

John 7:10-31

John 7:32-52

John 7:53-8:30

John 8:31-59

John 9:1-41

John 10:1-20

John 10:21-42

John 11:1-37

John 11:38-57

John 12:1-26

John 12:27-50

John 13:1-20

John 13:21-38

John 14:1-31

John 15:1-27

John 16:1-33

John 17:1-26

John 18:1-27

John 18:28-19:16a

John 19:16b-42

John 20:1-18

John 20:19-30

John 21:1-14

John 21:15-25

Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent at Rascals!

Last Tuesday at Rascals we had a mad run through of Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent! It was all going on. There were screams from the kitchen during our pancake flipping competition – especially when they hit the floor…chocolate sauce and sqooshie cream, messy paints going everywhere and then there was the burnt ashes during our Ash Wednesday prayers. We were a bit of a mess by the end of it. But we learned all about the Lent Season!

We started with gorgeous singing led by Fiona- my favourite song is currently the ‘Bring It all To Me’ one by Fischy Music:   Bring it all to me   “You Can Bring Me Anything, You Can Bring me Everything, Just Bring it All ,Bring it All to me.”  I think that sums up quite a bit about what we learned about Lent.  That you can bring anything to God – the good, the bad, the ugly, the worries, the hopes….everything. We did the fun bit of course!


(that is supposed to have ‘Rascals’ written on it….but the cream melted with the chocolate….)

And well done to Lewis for being awarded the “Ultimate Pancake Flipper Award!”IMG_1460But we also did the serious part of Lent. We learned that Lent is a time when we reflect about our lives, take a good look at ourselves, bring it all to God and say sorry for the things that we are not too proud of. Always a hard thing to do! So we had our own mini Ash Wednesday prayers and marked a wee cross of ash on a cross. (Ash made from some of my old scrap paper, not palm fronds…we will save some from this year)IMG_1491We learned that during Lent we also think about the events running up to when Jesus died on the cross.  Then we finished up with the happy bit.  We used watercolour paints to make these crosses and wrote Love, Hope and Joy on them to remind us that at the end of Lent there is  Love and Hope and Joy because of what Jesus did! IMG_1463So that was Rascals and our Lent run through in 1 hour and 15 mins! Thank you to all the amazing volunteers how work so hard to make rascals so much fun.


Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent at Compass.

Last week at Compass we did the 46 day season of Lent in a flurry and record time of  1 hr and 15 mins.  ( Well 55 mins if you take away the games and snack.)

It was  Shrove Tuesday, so good place to start.

Susan and Lucy made brilliant pancakes with the young people – congratulations to Kristie for winning the Ultimate Pancake Flipper medal!


In this session we learned that Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent starts. That Lent is often a time of giving things up and fasting – so Shrove Tuesday is a day to use up foods and indulge yourself…..we managed that bit just fine.  Fried batter with chocolate, cream, sugar, lemon.  Definitely sweetens the difficult bits of Lent.  But then we learned about Ash Wednesday. The start of Lent. Definitely not so much fun! We learned that Ash Wednesday is a day to take a long good hard look at yourself.  Yeeeeeeeeeeesssshhhh!  Not ever pleasant!  Some churches burn the palm fronds from last years palm Sunday and put little ash crosses on their foreheads to remind them to say sorry to God and think about their lives.  So we got some burned ashes (from my shopping lists not actual palms) and marked wee crosses on a big paper cross.   The ashes smelt terrible which brought forth many exclamations of ‘yuk’ and ‘that’s disgusting’ while we talked about what Ash Wednesday means, which detracted from the somber occasion somewhat – but we got the point….

(Thank you to the brilliant Flame Creative website for this brilliant idea)


We talked about Lent being a time when we think about the events leading up to and including Jesus’ death on the cross.  That Lent is a time when Christians reflect and prepare before the celebrations of Easter.


Finally we made these crosses with my favourite thing  -liquid watercolours (very very messy – sorry Heather!)- and we wrote the words Love and Hope on them to remind us that at the end of Lent there is  Love and Hope and Joy because of what Jesus did.

We would recommend that everyone else sticks to the 46 days….it was a little rushed. Thanks to Compass staff and young leaders for all their help.